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Whole House Audio/Video Systems

Home Whole House Audio/Video Systems:
Enjoy high quality sound all around! Imagine being able to listen to the same or different music in every room of your home - at the same time, and all from one system. Multi-room audio systems are rich with features for your convenience and enjoyment. Preset buttons on the keypads give you access to favorite programs. Bass, treble, volume, and balance controls let you tweak the sound to your liking. And, we don’t stop at giving you music everywhere. Enjoy radio, CDs, “digital” music, XM Satellite Radio, and more, with our music products.

The Basics:
Simply put, Whole House Audio is having multiple pairs of speakers (stereo) in several rooms or locations in the home. Each of these rooms or areas is called a zone. A zone would consists of a speaker pair and keypad control.
All of the zones are wired to a centralized control point (basement,cabinet or closet etc.) that will hold the system controller and input source equipment (CD,Radio,DVD and Music storage devices.)  The system controller consists of a controller/amp unit that is the hub, connecting all speakers, keypads and input source componets.

Whole House Video is basically the same concept, except in the zones where you want to watch video, you will need a television, and in one or more zones you will probably want to install at least five speakers and a subwoofer for surround sound.

In a Whole House Audio/Video System, each zone may choose a source independently. For instance, jazz could be playing in the living room, a group could be watching a movie in another room, and someone else could be listening to the ball game on the patio.

The next step is deciding what sources you want to listen to or watch. DVD/CD player, but most customers will want a greater variety of listening and viewing options. These can include:

  • Satellite radio from XM or Sirius
  • Satellite and cable television
  • DVD/CD changers connected to the controller device to find and play a DVD or CD on demand. Most can even find a particular song on a CD or a scene on a DVD. 
  • Dedicated AV storage systems. These use multiple large capacity hard disc drives to store both audio and movies. These can have truly amazing capabilities. 
  • Home theater computers, sometimes called HTPCs, with MP3s and video stored on them. These have been getting much more popular over the last few years. In addition to serving as a source for music and movies in multiple rooms, they also can allow Internet access on displays throughout the home.

 Once it has been decided that some type of whole-house audio or video will be included in the home, we will work closely with you to coordinate the design, pre-wire, installation, and programming and especially teaching the owner how the system works.

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