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Home Automation

Control4 home automation products make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home. We give you simple, centralized control over your lights, music, home theater, temperature and security system. Our wireless, IP-based products integrate your existing technology into one complete system, providing a new level of entertainment, comfort and convenience to you and your family.
Controllers – Sophisticated controllers lie at the heart of every Control4 home automation solution. These sleek, elegant, and powerful components make it possible to control and automate virtually any home function, including home theater, lighting, security, temperature, and more.

Control4 controllers allow you to build anything from a basic home theater system to a whole-home automation solution. And they provide exciting features such as media storage, audio streaming and integration of consumer electronic devices.

Touch Screens – Control4 touch screens funnel the power of Control4 home automation technology into a simple, intuitive inter face.  Rich color graphics and an elegant user inter face make it easy and efficient to control a wide range of home automation functions. And because Control4 touch screens are wired or wireless, you have complete control from anywhere in your home.

Audio/Video Products – Control4 offers an impressive range of audio/video products that easily control complex audio, video, and home theater components. Our products can store, organize, and send music to any room in the house from multiple sources, and provide a true cinematic experience in your home theater.

Lighting Products – Control4 light switches, dimmers and outlet modules make it possible to control lighting from a local switch or a remote switch any where in your home — without additional wiring.  These switches are wireless, so they can be recognized on the Control4 mesh network and controlled using a Control4 touch screen, keypad, or remote control.

Climate Control Products – Control4 climate control products make automated temperature control simple and affordable. Our wireless thermostat adds climate control and communicates bi-directionally with other intelligent device s in the home. The Control4 system can adjust room temperatures using the on-screen T V Navigator, automatically turn on ceiling fans, or close blinds before a room gets too warm.

System Remote Control – Our wireless System Remote Control frees you from the confusion of juggling multiple remote controls for your home theater.  Control4 Wireless Remote Controls are more than universal remotes. They feature bi-directional wireless communication, a backlit LCD screen, and the ability to browse media and control other automated devices in the home.
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