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Calibration Services

Home Aoustic Alliance: We are professionals dedicated to the pursuit of sonic greatness in your home entertainment environment. The HAA has created a world wide network of expert audio calibration practitioners. HAA audio calibration specialists not only offer the latest in calibration equipment to properly analyze room configurations, but also listen to and measure all sonic parameters to maximize the performance of your home entertainment system.

What does a high end home theater system sound like? Is the quality of sound dictated by the equipment, the room acoustics or is there more? No one would think of driving their car without the engine properly tuned. Yet many folks do not realize the same requirement exists for their home theater system.

The Acoustic Design Review
The ADR process begins with a survey of the listening room in person or via detailed drawings. The calibrator reviews every relevant element of system in the context of desired acoustical goals. These goals include:

Clarity: Clear understandable dialogue, articulate reproduction of detail.
Focus: Correct localization of sounds within the 360 degree sound stage.
Dynamics: Theatrically correct loudness, articulate detailing at low sound levels.
Response: Accurate tone, deep balanced bass, realistic reproduction of sounds
Envelopment: Smooth front to rear panning, 360 degree soundstage.

This plan in effect becomes a new design crafted to reduce or perhaps even eliminate a sonic objection. Calibration plans can have minor suggestions or require more involving solutions. More advanced improvements for a system may require flexibility in listener/speaker placement, potential modifications of wall surfaces or component changes.

ISF: Imaging Science Foundation: We are a group of trained video calibration experts in the display standards industry to insure the optimal performance of today's modern video technologies. Our goal is to maintain and measure all parameters involved with your video display and set them to proven industry standards using the best in video calibration equipment.

Many TV's are not set to reference standards as they come from the factory.  They are usually set very bright to compete against other TV's in showrooms . Video calibration is an absolute must for best performance. Having your display calibrated to reference standards as taught by the Imaging Science Foundation will make it perform to its full potential and last longer. 

Video Calibration will allow for correcting or optimizing the following parameters:

Greyscale tracking *
White & Black Level *
Color temperature *
Chroma Level and Phase *
Focus (Electrical & Mechanical)
Horizontal & Vertical Center
Convergence (static & dynamic)
Chroma detail enhancement, and
Scan Velocity Modulation Disconnection

 If you've spent thousands on your High Definition Television, you'd probably want to spend a little more to make your set perform at its best.

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